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  • Hi again Jobstart. So I've been working at my job now for about 8 months and don't think I'm getting paid enough as a Lead Designer -- barely making rent in SF isn't fun. Is it too early to ask for a raise?

  • Hey! Although most people wait a year to negotiate, the right answer depends on your salary, leverage, and performance. Let's first dive into those specifics, then we'll talk strategy! We spoke previously about how you're the sole mobile designer, so that gives you valuable leverage. Can I ask what you're currently making?

  • Sure! I'm currently making $85k, and was given a $5k sign-on bonus when I moved here. I also have 3,000 stock options, but don't really know how equity works...

  • On average, Lead Designers at similar SF-based companies are earning $95k-$105k. Based on our experience, you're in a strong place to negotiate now and given your relationship with management, we recommend our "Leveraged Performance" tactic (attached)! Let me know your thoughts and we'll go from there.

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