Help others improve their careers & See your impact.

Tell us who and how you’d like to help, and we’ll connect you with people in a way that works with your already busy schedule.

Do good, make money, get free access to talent, and build your reputation. Now accepting applications for experts in the tech industry.

Give back in ways that excite you.

Make an average of $50/hr while giving back to the community.

  • Resume Review

  • 30-min Conversation

  • Mock Technical Interview

  • Mock Behavioral Interview

  • Project & Code Review

  • Pair Programming Session

  • 2-week Skill Improvement Sprint

How it works

1Get accepted into the Jobstart expert network.
2Fill out a quick profile & tell us how you'd like to help others.
3Requests are sent to your email at your preferred pace (no spam!).
4Match up if you want. If you're busy, we’ll try someone else.
5Earn money and get free, weekly access to talent.
  • "Jobstart helped me hit the ground running with my job search. The one-on-one mentorship and interview prep proved invaluable with helping me land multiple offers from a number of great companies."

    Chris Rinaldi

    Software Engineer, Stitch Fix
  • "Jobstart not only helped me in my job search, but has also changed how I see my career as an engineer. You get access to people who are veterans in tech who can show you the nuances of tech interviews and the process in general. I highly recommend giving Jobstart a try."

    Kenny Tran

    Software Engineer, Mesosphere
  • "I really appreciated Jobstart's excellent advice on improving my resume and prepping for interviews. I felt that they supported me during my job search.'

    Mike Wertheim

    Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I join Jobstart?

    A single piece of advice that may seem simple to you can often change someone's life. When people are able to surround themselves with the right people, career trajectories ramp upwards.

    In our age of technology, then, why are we not seeing a dramatic increase in upwards mobility? With vast social networking power, why does authentic mentorship still feel so distant?

    We at Jobstart believe that technology and the recruiting industry has focused too little on humanity and empowering individuals. There are hundreds of companies that help recruiters filter out 99% of applicants, but none that effectively surround people with others who can impact their life. We can do better.

    Jobstart is this belief, built into a product. It's a curated network of industry experts who also happen to be good-hearted, helpful people. It's a network where people can join and immediately -- finally -- feel like they have the support to make moves.

    If you believe that's important, join the cause.

  • What's the time commitment like?

    We designed Jobstart from the ground up to work for people with the busiest of schedules. Put simply, you are in control of your involvement at all times.

    First, you can set your desired time involvement per week and we'll be sure to respect your time and wishes.

    Second, when a request comes your way, you can deny it with one-click if you're busy. Our matching algorithms will still ensure the individual gets the help they need from someone else in a timely manner.

  • How much money will I make, and how do I get paid?

    Our services pay out -- on average -- about $50 dollars per hour. We chose this number because it's enough to be worth your time, but low enough to make help accessible to everyone. With this number, we've also been fortunate to find that most experts join because they primarily want to help others.

    We use Stripe Connect to send payments directly to your bank account, and you get paid immediately upon your agreement to help via a service (resume review, mock interview, etc).

  • Can I refer people to my company or my friend's companies?

    Absolutely, and if you get a referral bonus... keep it for yourself!

    Every week a select number of job seekers on our platform will be looking for a new opportunity. We'll make them visible to you. It's all free.

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