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Career Journeys - Josh Holat

Josh founded Stagebloc in the Midwest before selling it to Fullscreen Media last...

1 minute read time

Expert Spotlight: Karan Talati

Introduction This is the first “Expert Spotlight” on Jobstart and we’re happy t...

5 minute read time

GraphQL Tutorial - Getting Started

Introduction GraphQL is one of the most exciting technologies gaining developer...

7 minute read time

Career Journeys - Steve Corona

Interview with the ex-CTO of Twitpic, Steve Corona iframe width="100%" height="...

1 minute read time

How to Land 8x More Interviews with Fewer Job Applications

Only 3% of all job applications land an interview and less than 15% of interview...

4 minute read time

Your Next Job: Finding a Startup You'll Love

Preface Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or thinking about leaving...

7 minute read time

Landing a Job at Top Startups

Preface Now that you know how to find startups you’re interested in and determi...

8 minute read time

The Day of the Interview

Introduction Preparedness is best utilized when combined with great interview d...

3 minute read time

5 Years

Today is my 5 year anniversary at MemSQL. When I tell people I dropped out of sc...

3 minute read time

Job Hunting 101 for Coding Bootcamp Graduates

Our goal with this article is to help all coding bootcamp graduates understand t...

8 minute read time

Build Your Own Demo Website to Land a Full-Stack Engineering Job

This 10-step guide will teach you how to build a demonstration website and show ...

6 minute read time

Playing With the Right Technologies

Humans and many other animals spend the better part of their childhood engaged i...

7 minute read time

How To Step Through a Coding Interview

Before whiteboarding a solution Clarify the problem. Most questions will have s...

3 minute read time

Warning Signs: Is It Time To Leave Your Startup?

Preface This guide is written for the growing number of startup employees who h...

9 minute read time

Software Engineer's Guide to Employment Offers

Overview Employment offers are written in legalese and are even difficult for l...

7 minute read time

Judging Startups: Work for a Top Company

Preface Have a list of companies you’re interested in and interviewing around? ...

4 minute read time

Acing Behavioral Interview at Startups

This guide covers behavioral interviewing at startup companies. For software eng...

6 minute read time

Coding Interviews: Practicing & Playing with Chaos

Introduction Now that you’ve developed some mastery over algorithmic and data s...

1 minute read time

Coding Interviews: Algorithms / Data Structures Deep Dive

Introduction Before we watched basic introductory lectures about each topic and...

4 minute read time

Coding Interviews: Interview Communication & Habits

Introduction The coding interview is just as much about communication as it is ...

3 minute read time
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