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How it works

1Connect with one of our vetted coachesWithin 1 day of signing up, you’ll be able to chat your coach by email and schedule phone calls. They’ll learn about your situation, give immediate advice, and be there for you until you accept an offer.
2Strategize, plan & prepareAfter your first call, you’ll receive a tailored analysis and strategy write-up along with other helpful resources. Your coach will help you plan, prepare, and act like a professional negotiator.
3Negotiate the best dealAs you negotiate with companies, land more offers & your situation unfolds, your coach will be there for live, on-demand advice.
Risk-free Pricing

15% of your salary upside

  • Get an initial offer of $110k from your desired company

  • With coaching, negotiate it up to $130k -> $20k upside!

  • Only pay 15% of the $20k upside ($3k one time)

$3k one-time cost = ($130k - $110k) * 15%

If you don’t earn more money, coaching is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t have an offer yet, but I want to make sure I start off right — can I start early?

    Absolutely, and we actually recommend you do. Due to the strategic nature of negotiations, we want to help you prepare early and coach you to land multiple offers (and therefore gain more leverage).

  • I just want to negotiate a raise — can you help me?

    Yes. While most of our negotiation resources and helpful documents are centered around negotiating new employment offers, the tactics and specific guidance are valuable for those looking for a raise. For pricing, you can consider the “initial offer” to be your current salary and the “accepted offer” to be the result of the raise/salary negotiations. Aside, if your coach doesn’t think you’re in the strongest position to negotiate and should wait to achieve optimal timing, they’ll be honest with you.

  • Do you negotiate on by behalf?

    No, and you wouldn’t want us to anyways. When trained and empowered with best-practices, you are your best negotiator. Our coaches will never communicate with companies on your behalf, but we will help you come up with specific, winning phrases that you can simply recite over the phone or in-person with confidence.

  • How often do people succeed in negotiations, and how much additional money do they usually earn?

    It’s rare for a negotiation process to result in no additional compensation, but some companies are more hard-line than others. We don’t want you to worry about that, which is why the service is free unless you make money.

    The average increase in compensation varies greatly depending on factors such as your number of total offers, benefits packages, stock compensation, and company preferences. When increases in compensation occur, they usually increase in chunks of $5,000. As an engineer in Silicon Valley with 2 offers it’s reasonable to, on average, expect a $10,000 to $15,000 increase. We’ve seen some achieve $35,000+, but those are outliers.

  • Do you only help me negotiate an increase in salary?

    Salary-based compensation is only one variable in the art of negotiation. We’ll also help you understand and negotiate stock compensation, benefits packages, reporting guarantees, and other factors found in standardized employment agreements.

  • The price is a % of the upside, so what if I would have negotiated the same rate myself?

    We charge for the coaching itself and while we can confidently say that people benefit from our service, we cannot account for “what ifs” in our pricing.

  • What if my initial offer is simply a verbal offer? How will you know how much to charge?

    First of all, for your own sake, get your initial offers in writing! It’s not uncommon to hear about retracted verbal offers, often right when another “better" candidate walks through their door. Don’t say “I need a written offer” in person, but follow up the same day of a verbal offer, re-acknowledge your excitement for the company, and ask for the offer in writing over email.

    In the weaker situation where there is no initial written offer to go on, we’ll rely on your honesty. This has worked for us in the past because lying to your coach makes the advice significantly less effective. Aligned interests are a beautiful thing.

  • What happens if there is no upside?

    Then the entire coaching process is free to you.

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